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Artistic directors - Ron Almog & Yair Slutzki

The Israel Jazz Orchestra was founded 20 years ago to gather Israel's top musicians into one creative and fruitful environment of composers, arrangers and unique instrumentalists that make the band’s special sound. The Orchestra uses a similar structure to the classic big band but pours into it a variety of musical styles and colors.

The Orchestra's performance is a thrilling and hypnotizing event, there’s never a dull moment with 12 virtuoso musicians on stage showing off their abilities. 

Alongside many performances across the country, the Orchestra has performed in recent years in Canada, France, Italy, Germany and South Africa.

The Orchestra released Six albums till this date -
"Groove Collage"(2009)
“The Songs Of Yankale Rotblit” (2014)
“In Good Company” (2015) - with Shem Tov Levi.
“Nine Tales One Story” (2018)

"Hiburim" (2022) - With Israel's top singers.

In addition to their remarkable original music The Orchestra gained a lot of followers by their unique arrangements and collaborations, working with Israel’s leading performers and international jazz icons like Chava Alberstein, Yoni Rechter, David Sanchez, Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Shalom Hanoch and many more.



The Orchestra -

Yair Slutzki, Yaron Ouzana – trombones
Arthur Krasnobaev, Yuval Peleg – trumpets
Alon Farber, Tal Varon, Dean Tsur, Yuval Tabachnik – saxophones
Guy Kaira – guitar
Itamar Gross – Keyboards
Mickey Warshai – bass
Ron Almog – drums

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